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Clogged Drain Sewer Line & Drain Cleaning Service in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

Nobody likes a slow drain and, unfortunately this isn’t one of those problems that usually goes away if you ignore it. All too often a slow drain becomes a clogged drain and then a blocked drain. And then you have a real plumbing problem on your property.

How to Unblock A Drain?

If you’re in Sacramento, or anywhere in the surrounding area, there’s one clear answer: Call Sacramento Rooter!

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Experts

At Sacramento Rooter we offer a professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service. Our skilled technicians have the latest Video Inspection cameras and Hydro Jetting equipment to find the problem and get your drains running clear again ASAP.

With decades of experience and a commitment to excellent service, the team at Sacramento Rooter can tackle any kind of drainage problem. Commercial business and residential properties, interior and exterior drainage and sewers – we cover it all and clear it all.

Does your Drain or Sewer Need Cleaning?

An overflowing toilet or a blocked drain causing sewage to leak onto your property will be obvious enough, but there are some early warning signs that all may not be well with your drainage system. Get the drain cleaned and you may well prevent a major problem from developing.

Foul Smells Coming From the Drain or Toilet

Foul smells and gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or empty the bath may indicate a restriction in the drain pipe. The water level in your toilet being higher or lower than usual may also suggest a problem with the drainage system.

Slow Draining

A toilet, sink, shower or bath that is slow to drain may well be a localized problem – a blockage in the u-bend perhaps – but more than one of these at a time and you may have bigger problems to address. It’s likely that your drain or sewer is becoming clogged and needs cleaning, now is the time to act and call Sacramento Rooter, before it blocks completely.

Act Now – Get That Drain Cleaned!

There’s no shame in a dirty drain – our team have been cleaning drains and sewers in the Sacramento area for years, and they’ve seen it all before! But a blocked sewer, overflowing manholes and toilets is just a miserable thing for you to to deal with. Do yourself a favor – if you suspect that something isn’t right with your drains, get it checked out before there’s definitely something very wrong.

Clogged Drains

And if it’s already gone beyond that? Well we do hope your drains aren’t completely blocked – but if that’s the problem then you know who to call! If you’re just experiencing a slow-running, partly clogged drain, please don’t let the problem get any worse. Give the Sacramento Rooter team a call right now and let us get your drains clean and free-flowing again.

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